Gaining knowledge through WordPress and getting inspired by daily posts ; “Murmuration” 

It’s Pretty cool!! Thanks to WordPress and team. In fact I really didn’t know this word. Through this I gained few more knowledge. 

I always said to link the mind towards imagination by seeing the nature!.. and it’s here. A best example for pushing the air and fly towards creativity.. 

Starling!! The way birds use the space and the way they change the path wonders us. They call it mystery! They call it Fear! They find it secret! They find it a reason and clue for climate change, season change, but in my world I find it special creative flow of energy. 

The Art they make out of their plan and team work is impossible for us to imagine in that time span.. “Nature is very Beautiful”and there are a lot of Artists by birth!!.. Cool..

And .. Yes.. I loved watching photos and reading About it… Will try to find some Mehendi designs out of it; what to do?!! My hobby drags me to imagine and create something out of everything..

Thanks to ,

And good picture over Google!


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