Finding better motivational platform; live life at the fullest.. #henna design

I heard that, “do it now, sometimes later becomes never!”.. well said.. It’s noraml human tendency, where the hesitation, fear, regret etc., takes over everything and we sit silently watching over it! We feel ouself empty handed and useless. We fight inside and fail to win. We argue inside and fail to win. We get angry, we get irritated, we find it difficult to cross this feeling. Thereby we loose our smile, happiness, peace, hope, wish, dream etc. and become “big failure with big guilt”..
There are plenty of opportunities open in this life, but we fail to recognise that in a right way and in a right time. We fail at this point of time. Because we loose the best opportunity just by over looking. That situation happens when our mind says “that’s a waste! Not possible from me”..

Everyone in this Earth have got some or the other fear. So no one is guilt-free! The success comes, when we over come the situation of hesitation, fear, and regret by choosing a better way. It’s not external factor. People try to motivate you, Books try to motivate you, but that becomes positive, only if your mind responses towards it. If you say ‘yes’ to those external motivations, the result would be positive. Because decision making is internal factor. Person who is in guilty should only find the Remedy, not the other. 

Hence, choosing motivational platform is very essential. Depression may be small or big, you should understand that, the situation you are undergoing is not permanent. Find a goal, wish, dream to live your life fullest by taking best decision yourself. Therefore I said at the beginning, “do it now, sometimes later becomes never!”. 

Have a happie life and live your life fullest..
Lots of Thanks to my dear ones and team for motivating me to write what I feel. Glad to have the support..


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