Learning from mistake; Create your own #Mehendi Design

“Mistakes are the usual bridge between inexperience and wisdom – Phyllis Theroux”

It is true that no one is exception from doing mistakes. But accepting the truth and working towards the change will make the difference. We cannot walk as pro when we came to this earth. We learnt everything slowly. Children will not use any technique when they start to walk. They don’t even think about it. They only analyse, when they fell off again and again. There comes the learning. They start slowly to learn techniques to keep themselves safe.


We grown up being child. We should think in the same way for every mistake we do. As usual we make mistake and forget. Then the learning end. I know saying is easy, but when it comes to our own, we fail to follow. Still, there is a way to be in dedication and change our thinking. We should and must admit what we did wrong and think positively towards it. 


That comes by practice and not by planning. We get to know whether we could walk properly only when we start walking. In the same way, we get to know about our mistake only when we start working towards our goal.


Well. I link it with every learning, specially to the subject I blog for. Making Design is a big task for beginners. Being beginner, I learn from my mistake. I say “I could have done so..”, I could have tried that..”, “Che.. why I did that..” etc. because I realize it at my mistake. Same if it’s your turn. You will start realizing the mistakes, when you start practicing. Hesitation will not workout. 


Do not say, “Oh, It’s not possible by me” or “I cannot do it”

Only say, “Yes, I could at least done that, and I will try.” and “I will practice and make myself pro”


Have a happy learning.


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