The Dream with Starting trouble ; UGADI – Hindu New Year #Poetry

This is what I do in my free time other than holding Mehendi.. I write line by line, step by step. I don’t know whether all the words and lines frame it as poet. Still I write… Since it’s New year for me here, I will share something I already wrote.

I just found a dream, with an awesome way of making it true….

Yes, it’s my world…
Yes, it’s my way…
Something missing…
Am I able to realise it?..
I just need to find something else..
It’s really vital…
No.. it’s not the same way, I found earlier..
Can I buy it?
Can I borrow it?
All say, No!..
Yes, may be Not!..
Is it?..
Because, it’s with me?..
It’s inside me?…
It seems, I found it too…
I just realised!..
Let me make myself clear..
All of the above,
I just need to find, interest to follow that path….
To make my dream true…
Yes, I lack Interest!…
Could it be called,
“Starting Trouble!…..”
Happy Ugadi

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