What do you see, when your pen moves over a page randomly #Doodle World 

You are sad, and you are simply sitting. You don’t wish to talk to someone, you don’t see the things happening around you, you have lost interest in life.

But truly, the sadness you see is just temporary. No need to get panic saying, ‘what I will do?’, ‘what happens next?’, ‘where is the solution?’ etc. You have to find solution for problem. You are moving towards depression and not towards the ideas. Even great minds fail to come up with great ideas, when they are depressed for one or the other personal reason. Hence you just need to relax. 

I know, you ask again to yourself, ‘how can I relax?’, ‘what should I do to calm down?’, where is the solution?, Etc. And once again you are deeply thinking!!.. Relaxed mind makes well framed ideas than that of tensed mind. Everybody say so. And there are plenty of solution to get your mood changed. And ‘Art’ is one of them. 

Let’s try this solution, 

Take a pen and paper, and start drawing something. Not necessarily a great art. It’s ok even if it’s your first time holding the pen to drwa. Make lines, make circles, make boxes, make zigzags, anything and anything. Just move your heart towards the Art. Go on drawing something and don’t worry about the mistakes. It is normal. That happens. Still don’t worry. Keep going.. I am sure, at one point of time you will see your page with a beautiful designs and a new world.

World is yours… Happy learning….


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