Mehendi Design ; A beautiful Art under cultural shade

Mehendi or henna is a traditional art followed over the Asian countries and atracted whole world from its beautiful design and fragrance. Few call it, ‘Mehendi’, Few say ‘Madarangi’, Few as ‘Henna’, others like ‘tattoos’ so and so… So many names for it. Right? Whatever you call it, that’s fine. But art is same. Doodle over the skin..

Mehendi Design drawn on paper ; time pass art

This is to cool to apply during any festival and religious functions. After applying the Henna, one will get the feeling of festive automatically. The wonderful designs make you feel happy and proud to be women. Not necessarily a handful art, even small design also gives the same excitement.

Henna Art; At Office!! A pure timepass when there is no work!

Mehendi started as a tradition. People started to apply it for every function and festival. Now it has been like love. Girls are to excited to apply for simple simple reason. To be frank, reasons not required, if one likes this Art from the bottom of heart. If you start loving it, everyday becomes festival for you..
Be proud, be happy… Happy Learning…


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  1. Trayee says:

    Wow..What a lovely design…Like it so much.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Bhagyashri says:

      Thank you so much dear…

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Bhagyashri says:

      Thank you .. pleased:-)


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