“Why can’t I get dark colour when I apply mehendi”; The skin type and mehendi 

It’s a normal question asked by people, who belong especially to south India. The skin tone varies from place to place. When I see the pictures over a Google page, I find many photos with white skin complexion. When I went though the pages I found all those pictures belong to North India or Arab countries. People who brought up around those areas got a fair skin complexion and henna looked so nice and gives inferiority complex to south people(with due respect). Lol! (A bit extra exaggeration! ;-). Forgive) I am not saying that’s wrong. But, it purely depends on the environment, wether, climate etc. Therefore, there is no need to worry about skin complexion. The idea of trying coloured mehendis and stickers could be replaced in extreme condition. Normally designs are less visible but, definitely it’s not INVISIBLE.

This also depends on the body temperature, skin type. If you have got a dark skin but a dry skin means you will get dark colour after 1 or 2 days. And it last for long. In case you have got oily skin and always swet means, the chances of getting dark colour is less. For that you can use extra supliments like, sprinkling suger water, lemon juice to keep mehendi wet for few more hours, or applying coconut oil after washing will also increase the changes of darkness.

Normally palm gets more colour than the other side of hands and bangle areas. Following other suppliments will makes you feel happy by giving extra colour. Enjoy and don’t feel sad for having the different skin. Every problem has got better solution. I would love to discuss it in my future posts. As of know just go through these pictures with dark complexion. And trust, they are happy…

I just made all the pictures look bright with the help of Picsart App.. I don’t have after wash photos and sorry for that. But trust me, even less colour makes you happy, when you see it in a positive prospective. Being a hobbie artist, I know this much. I hope I conveyed a little knowledge.

Be happy.. Enjoy your day…


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    1. Bhagyashri says:

      Thank you so much. 🙂

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