Ques: How to make ourselves perfect? Ans: Only by practice.. 

Yes.. This is very frequently asked question. Everyone try to find different answer. Fortunately or unfortunately the answer would be same 99.99999% times!. Blogs, YouTube channels, social media, anywhere we search, we find the same answer. Why? 

Nothing happens over night. No one will be perfect just by blinking the eye. None will become successful unless he gets a jackpot or lottery! (Though that will not last forever). Everyone wants to achieve something, including me! None are excluded.. but we wish, that should happen as early as possible! Is that possible without doing anything? Answer is always, NO!.

So I agree to the point, what makes us perfect is only practice. If we try it hard, no one could break our perfection. Just, we have to accept the struggle at the beginning. We may fail. But the same failure will lead us towards success. Don’t give up at any point of time, you will definitely be what you want to be in a short period.

Well!… You all know, I am learning Doodling! 🙂 😉 I try and fail. No regret. I would love to share what funny things I did on paper. Here are step by step doodles I did recently. I don’t know, whether this one is ethnico, or folk, or modern art. I could say mixture of everything. Just drawn, what mind lead my hand. You can try and fill whatever comes to your mind. Just draw a border image, and start filling. If you fail no issue. You will learn from your mistake. So be positive, and keep on doing hardwork. Perfection follows you. 

I wanted to draw only Zentangles, but I mixed it with other normal doodles. Teddy bear, dolphins, came in between! God Ganesha Sat inplace of Normal Elephant! (Had elephant in mind, but hands moved to draw Lord Ganesha! I laughed! And looks good, even though not perfect!). Then, A cute little rat followed Ganesha, obviously. Nothing went as per plan. Still I loved what I did. The output may not be perfect, but looks good overall. Lol! 

So don’t be afraid. Just love, what you try. Love what you do. Happy Learning.


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  1. Megala says:

    Nice illustration! Thanks!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Bhagyashri says:

      I hope it will workout.. so thought of sharing.. thanks for the positive motivation 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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