What creates a temporary failure is our mental status; mind vs action 

There are situations where our actions speaks everything. I things we do is the mirror effect of our state of mind. Act, response, behaviour, everything depends on mood. If you are having a good mood means, the things you do will be positive or else it will be negative.

To create well I have to be in a good mood, happy and cool.

-Marc Newson

People struggle a lot and succeed in achieving their goal. But that’s not the end. Maintaing the achievement is the actual success. Famous people fail in the things in which they are good at. Poor luck. They fail not because they are not talented, it’s because of their state of mind. They may be good at work but being human they also go through the feelings which leads to depression. There , they feel the actual downfall. A negative mind forces to stop the things where you have more interest. You fail to maintain what you are good at. 

Above, I was talking about extreme cases. Only few go through those negativity. So, no need to worry. But small things, are also there which gives temporary sadness and we end up having negative result. What we can’t do, we try to do at that point of time to overcome the sadness. It’s good, trust me. That changes your mind. But involving others into this might be very dangerous. If something goes wrong, we hurt ourselves and also others. We create negative environment by our act. This would turn into positive only if the other person is too good and soft, having a good understanding and bonding. If not, we end up regretting the things. So it’s better to avoid the situation.

I experienced the same a lot of time. I can’t draw properly when I am not at good mood. People come asking for applying mehendi and I make they feel unsatisfied. If somebody ask, I can’t say “I can’t” . I try a lot to make them happy. If I succeed I will definitely forget the mental stress. If I fail, I feel like, my mistakes sprinkled Masala over my sadness. I feel I am making others unhappy for no reason. Even though they smile, I can feel their unsatisfied face. So have started to avoid taking those kind of risk. If I feel unhappy I apply mehendi on my own hand, so that I only become the victim for my temporary sadness. I draw doodles, I write poetry to overcome independently.

Here are few outputs I came up based on mood and surrounding environment. 

This is when I was in boring mood, hence a little simple design to avoid mistake. Still it looked good. And she was fine with it, since she had idea about my mood. 🙂

This one is drawn when I was literally in a bad mood. And I made my friend unhappy!. 😦 she had a lot of expectation and ended up drawing something creepy! Unfortunately that cone was also not supporting. There I realised the mistake. I feel blank, when I am sad.

And this is when I started avoinding others into the my mental status. I started applying on my own hand, so that I solely become the victim! Lol! I wash it off quickly. If colour remains strong even after coming out of that mood, it will lead me to go back and say ‘yukk’!.. so now I am avoiding all these things and started to draw everything I feel over a paper instead of hand. That’s a relief. And trust me Doodling helps a lot. 

So think before you do it wrongly. You have only 2 option, one to be happy always, otherwise to avoid those kind of situation for time being. Take it positively. I am not here to depress anyone. I just want you to avoid extra depression. Mine is just an example.

Happy Learning…


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  1. Megala says:

    Yes, it is true!

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    1. Bhagyashri says:

      Thanks for sharing the opinion 🙂

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