“Magical Girl”; A random collection.. #poetryworld

This is when I try something forcefully,, and it becomes very very funny all the way.. still I appreciate my self for giving it a try, even though the things turn out to be funny.. A very little thought over being magical girl… Twinkle Twinkle Little star kind of songs flow through the non connection, there would not be a link for anything.. still I sit and write, what I have sung all the way.. A non framed Murmuration connects the dots over and over in the unconscious mind, unknowingly!.. owww.. Here I am sharing shamelessly, what I sung randomly!!! Lol!!.. 

I wanna be,

I wanna be magical girl…

In your life…

Feeling emotion,

It’s my intention,

Whenever you just think of me;

Make me an ocean,

It’s my suggestion,

Whenever you just swing like wind..

I wanna be,

I wanna be magical girl..

In every second…

Just not a fiction,

It’s my affection,

For giving a try, to the infinite;

Making correction,

It’s our summation,

For adding an extra colour, for definite..

I wanna be,

I wanna be megical girl..

Even in your dream…

You can laugh… No issues 😉 And appreciate how I edited a magical picture :-):-) At least, that’s something worthy over this page… 😉


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