The corporate rain #my doodle world


As usual, and same as everybody does, I was busy in analysing some tasks regarding job. Making everything perfect becomes very difficult once you get into to the dilemma of job satisfaction and happiness. 

My roommates called me, saying “Bhagya it’s raining!!! That too ice cubes here!!!”.. OMG! I just love Ice cube rain! It would be real fun to enjoy each and every rain drop hitting like anything.. But my mind was not exactly here, I was too lazy to go out and enjoy like others. 

But, happyness can beat anything in short span of time. Just by watching the rain out, my mind ordered my legs to jump out. 🙂 And, withing one second I was out and looking at the sky, begging for more ice cubes, just like a child!!… 

And obviously, I thought of drawing something to relax. And there I come up with these doodles!… I call it corporate rain! 😉 Hope everybody enjoy this.. 

Thank you so much for taking your time to read… Enjoy your life.. Your life is in your hand… 

Happy Learning… 


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