Internal Collaboration and successful Life

Collaboration is something, where you co-ordinate with set of people and manage to complete the task or an activity according to the plan. One person may not handle everything alone, he would need multiple people having different knowledge. Putting hands together will help in team work than separating with overconfidence.

Collaboration may also stated as sharing of different ideas and selecting the best out of it. Sharing of ideas helps the team to proceed in a better way to avoid hindrance of getting work done in a slow manner. The person having the best practice/specificity will help the team in handling the task quickly as required by this running world.


How do I elaborate,

that Collaborate is essential? 

even to your life-soul;

to stay in peace!

to stay happy and successful!

Mix all the sorrows with happiness,

Mix all your bad times with better one’s,

Forget that you have mixed bitter one!

and Taste it, thinking,

there is no collaboration!,

And see, mixture is only sweet!


The word Collaboration may not be stick to the workplace, Business, Education etc. it becomes part and partial of your own life, when you hate yourself. Self underestimation, hesitation etc. could be avoided collaborating good things with few negative inferiority complexes to balance our daily life in a manner that we overcome with positive spirit.


We have definitely got few negative aspects in our life. But more than that, we will be having many more positive aspects and strengths, which we might have failed to recognize by running behind unwanted stuffs. Considering the good would lead to live life in a way, that we step towards success and reach goal quickly than expected.

Collaborate your positive ideas with that of negative. Remember positive aspects are very stronger than what we think. Hence do not hesitate to follow those ideas, they result in success.

Be happy to have the soul, and make yourself strong and live long and healthy life..

Its my #daily_post, #My Doodle World, and #My Poetry World !….



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