The Contrast of Two Beauties

One of a recent research of a renowned University indicated that the second most common reason for depression is love failure.  I went ahead to find out the first reason as I had anticipated the above mentioned reason to be the first one. To my dismay, the first reason was sense of ugliness or lack of beauty. Alas! I tried to rationalist it by changing the phrase from lack of beauty to inferiority complex. Irrespective of that, the fact remained same. Beauty had taken over mind and glamour over soul. It was disturbing to see how immaterial things have affected our lives, materially. Hence, I put across my perspectives on the concept of beauty.

According to me, there are two kinds of beauties that must be considered by human species. One is internal beauty or eternal beauty and the other one being external or physical beauty. The reason for depression is stated to be the sense of lack of the latter one, not the former one. If it was former one, there was no need to write the article as I would have been the happiest person to know that. That reason would have made sense and contributed to a better world. Anyway, let me come to the bifurcation of beauties and analyse the micro part of the same. Internal beauty is moreover related to soul and is concerned with the development of an individual human being, in real sense. It is about the righteousness, conscience, morality, simplicity etc. Here, what is there inside would count. Attributes are intangible yet they would shape our life in a positive manner. External beauty is mainly related to the physical appearance of an individual. How you would appear to the outside world without having anything to do with your mind. This would be temporary irrespective of your efforts to sustain it. It is misguiding, sometimes manipulating as well. This will make you crave for it once you are addicted to it. It will corner your mind with grief and discussion. But Internal Beauty would never cheat, deteriorate or manipulate, for that matter.

How to win the battle of beauties? I am sure most of us would have experienced it, at least during adolescence or later point of time. One of the most powerful tools is our attitude. Yes our attitude makes the whole difference. We must understand that we must not give importance to those things which are temporary in nature and fear of losing that would only cause harm to our lives. We cannot be so artificial. This one modification in our attitude could yield us fruitful result.  Don’t develop any sense of inferiority complex, whatsoever the situation you might be in. Some people may be very beautiful in terms of their physical looks. Everybody may not be so. But have gratitude towards your existence. Nobody is born without a purpose. You may not be able to recognize it initially, but some or the other time you will experience, it for sure. But the agony is that some people would lose faith and end their journey of life. Irrespective of your physique, you can also make yourself presentable. Try and concentrate on making yourself beautiful, internally. There are number of ways to do that. Help the poor, concentrate on your hobby; achieve the heights in your profession through perseverance and dedication etc. Do whatever which makes you feel important and instill the faith that you are an integral part of the world and deserve a place here. When you are beautiful internally, it automatically gets reflected in your physical appearance, as well. A heartfelt smile is irreplaceable and the most valuable ornament. Temporary beauticians techniques may make you flaunt your beauty temporarily but, fail in the long run. But a beautiful soul would always rescue from every hardships of life. It makes inferiority untouchable for you. It makes you lead the life with high esteem and complacency.

Therefore, I rest my analysis on the note of positivity, stressing the fact life is too short to feel depressed or inferior for insignificant things. If you open up, life is an ocean of hope and opportunities on which you can travel relentlessly towards your destination.




This one is shared by my friend @Subrahmanya Gaonkar

Expecting more posts from his side.. Hope to read and understand more Subrahmanya.. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this platform.


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