Top Benefits of Smile; Stay Happy

I am here with my dear one!… Kindly follow us and bless for new beginning… I am going to share my thought on PB Vishwam as well…
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Smile and Start…

PB Vishwam

We know people always search for something positive and motivating words for each and every aspect on this earth. And, the best thing we always encounter is “SMILE”. It is not necessary that, you should know the benefits of smile for self, but it makes you happier when you know it while making others smile. You will definitely feel proud when you know what extra colors you have filled in someone’s world. Keep following things in your mind and stay relaxed and blessed. 


  1. Smiling lowers stress and anxiety

You cannot make anything easy, when you are under a situation with full of stress. But studies report that, smiling slows the heart and relaxes the body. This calms our heart by overworking. Smiling also temporarily reduces blood pressure.  People who smile and laugh often are less likely to develop heart disease. Smiling releases endorphin that counteract and diminish the stress…

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