The Contrast of Two Beauties

This is what I owed since long… The owner of these thoughts in to this open world… Welcome my dear friend…

PB Vishwam

One of a recent research of a renowned University indicated that the second most common reason for depression is love failure.  I went ahead to find out the first reason as I had anticipated the above mentioned reason to be the first one. To my dismay, the first reason was sense of ugliness or lack of beauty. Alas! I tried to rationalist it by changing the phrase from lack of beauty to inferiority complex. Irrespective of that, the fact remained same. Beauty had taken over mind and glamour over soul. It was disturbing to see how immaterial things have affected our lives, materially. Hence, I put across my perspectives on the concept of beauty.

According to me, there are two kinds of beauties that must be considered by human species. One is internal beauty or eternal beauty and the other one being external or physical beauty. The reason for depression…

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