Mehendi Designs; Back again!

Colors never makes you bore,

Colors which make you proud

Colors never makes you sad,

Colors which brings the happiness

Colors to make you relax,

Is the Color of Mehendi

On your Skin ….

Yeah.. I am with my designs again!.. I know my site was really boring without these green and orange colors. Finally got the chance to upload pictures of my Mehendi Designs. Not good not even bad kind of Henna Tattoos applied by me on my dear friend’s palm. Really makes me happy to learn every day and makes me smile when they say “WoW” or they start to scold for ruining the design. I have started to laugh for everything. Because I know they will never stop spending time for me further going.

Special Thanks to Pushpa my Roomie! Thanks for the time and mobile for clicking these images. Hoping to draw on your hand next week as well!!…

Mehendi bhagya (2)


Mehendi bhagya (5)

Mehendi bhagya (3)

Mehendi bhagya (4)

I hope you all like these. Trying to come-up with new art. I will be with so many Mehendi Designs Soon..

Get more Henna Design on @My Mehendi World


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