Mehendi Designs ; idea incorporated

As I always say, state of mind is very crucial in our life while involving into any work. As a human being everyone thinks of the environment which makes us involve in a positive manner, starting to the end without interruption and struggle. Otherwise we always end up saying, “If it was…”, “If I was…”, If they were…” If etc etc…”. All “If” comes along with the word we speak till we console ourselves with peace using piece of lie!

Well!.. No more struggles while applying Henna Design now onward! 🙂 All thanks to Anjana for the special Idea. 🙂

I always struggled to use Mehendi Cones bought from shops/stores etc. Using old stock will distract our mind while applying Henna. We will not be able to keep our mind cool and let others be happy by suffering for no reason. This time we have overcome from those kind of troubles. Anjana bought Mehendi Cone from those who sits aside of the roads applying Henna for people for money. They continuously sell their art and earn a little bit! Brilliant tattoo artists! Since they are into continuous business, they will be having fresh cones with them than store keepers. Her suggestion was really good. It was struggle free. No hurdles in between, No worry of dried henna, liquid henna etc. We all are happy using that Singh cone. Starting to the end it was awesome experience. I think you all should try this out. It costs only Rs. 10 to Rs. 30 in India.

By the way, I should thank Anjana for spending precious time with me. It was really fun to draw on your hand dear J I remember all bullying chats, fun words, laughter etc. to keep myself happy all the time. Keep inspiring me with the support always. 🙂

Sharing these Mehendi Designs image, so that you can see even after decades 🙂 I know you will be my FAN FOREVER Anjana 😉

Thanks Pushpa for helping me to capture these memories… And I also thank Dorita D’souza, my friend Suzan’s sister for inspiring me with this design.

Hope you all enjoy…

Mehendi bhagya (14)
struggle free art; simple mehendi design
Mehendi bhagya (13)
Beautiful colors of happiness; ultimately she is haapy!
Bhagyashri creative world (2)
edited with Brightness for clarity; she likes this dark color for long!


Mehendi bhagya (15)
And she also like this orange color, and she wants it to keep for long 😉

Keep inspiring… Keep spreading the happiness…


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Abhijith Padmakumar says:

    Wow just great. Loved your post. Awesome !! 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Bhagyashri says:

      Thank you so much Abhijith

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Anjana says:

    Wow !! Beautiful designs 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Bhagyashri says:

      Thank u so much dear Anjana..

      Liked by 1 person

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