Jasmine Tea and me!

I usually watch Korean Dramas. The common thing I see is a small cup Tea, when elders meet. I wonder how they enjoy Tea without milk! I know Green Tea, Lemon Tea etc. in which I like Lemon Tea, that too with sugar in it! But the cup we use for tea is different from the West Asian countries. We normally use steel cups, glasses etc. Their cup is made up of Porcelain, and small sip with full of respect. Hence when we went to Chinese Restaurant I ordered Jasmine Tea! Finally, I tasted something else this time. Flavor was not up to my expectation, still it was fun trying flavored hot tea after food.

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  1. it is said that tea without milk does wonders….

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    1. Bhagyashri says:

      Yes.. Of course! We get to know only when we start tasting it. In our side, it’s little less! Only for diet people prefer it without milk.

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      1. Hmmm….vice versa….if we don’t prefer….we will become diet people….

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      2. Bhagyashri says:

        At the end, It is healthy I know 🙂

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