Review of Jab Harry met Sejal; Whether to watch it or not?

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PB Vishwam

Jab Harry met Sejal is one of the most expected films of the year. When a visionary director Imtiaz Ali and King of Romance Shah Rukh Khan come on board, obviously the expectations would sky rocket. However, the movie delivers zero, to our dismay. It is an easily forgettable journey.

Jab Harry met Sejal

Coming to the specifics of the movie, the story is the weakest link apart from forced songs which are good to hear but do not fit into the narratives. The songs were like the commercials in television telecasts. Screenplay is sloggy, writing is pathetic and the total plot has just flunked. There is no depth in characters unlike Imtiaz’s previous films wherein, the characters were so profound.


Performance by lead actors is the only saving grace to the film. Shah Rukh Khan as a cynical tour guide is convincing and charming, at the same time. He perfectly outlines the feelings…

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  1. Khagesh jain says:

    Worst movie !


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