Happy New Year; on going resolutions!

Thoughts going on.

On and on in mind.

Comes with the full of enthusiasm;

And anxiety!



At the beginning of every year!

Nothing else,

That’s the same thing;

Where we think of a resolution,

A new goal (known),

Which, will not even last for few days!

The resolution,

Which was supposed to be,

completed (/carried out)

Within (/during) the year,

Wanishes before this month!

Making it a memory,

Carry forward thought

For the ‘very next year’!!

Aging will say,

As we said this time,

“Ohh.. I was supposed to do that;

At least will do this time!”

And this time no excuse.

Will follow same method!

At the end of the year,

We would need some thoughts again!

Happy New Year!!

© Bhagyashri


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