Thought Process

An unknown smile,

Which is known to us;

Confuses others!

Makes us feel comfortable,

Makes others think more!,

Being a question mark(?)

Has a great fun inside;

Unwanted thought process outside!

Person who sees the smile thinks,

“What happened to him, is he mad or something?!!

Do I look like a poor fellow?

Is there any pimples over the face?

Is there any bad intention behind the smile?

Is….. n?..”

That too, with the expressions,

To be played with the eyebrows more!

Person with the smile thinks,

“Why to think negative,

About somebody,

Having no reason, no intention!

Believe, it’s just a smile,

There is no reason to activate your mind!”

That too, with the expression

To be played with the up-curved lips and shining eyes!

© Bhagyashri


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