The Contrast of Two Beauties

Originally posted on PB Vishwam:
One of a recent research of a renowned University indicated that the second most common reason for depression is love failure.  I went ahead to find out the first reason as I had anticipated the above mentioned reason to be the first one. To my dismay, the first reason was…

Top Benefits of Smile; Stay Happy

Originally posted on PB Vishwam:
We know people always search for something positive and motivating words for each and every aspect on this earth. And, the best thing we always encounter is “SMILE”. It is not necessary that, you should know the benefits of smile for self, but it makes you happier when you know…

Chakra Doodle!

It’s been long time I added my doodles here. Because of unavoidable circumstances I am unable to share those pictures. Drawn circles one by one over it and started filling it with multiple lines and designs clock wise and anti clock wise. I hope this doodle catches your eyes..  

Haiku Years

Celebration in the large crowded ballroom Eyes catching only memories of horrifying blood colors With the same memory, she passed all the years   – More on Haiku Poetry World @Bhagyashri