The Contrast of Two Beauties

One of a recent research of a renowned University indicated that the second most common reason for depression is love failure.  I went ahead to find out the first reason as I had anticipated the above mentioned reason to be the first one. To my dismay, the first reason was sense of ugliness or lack…

Waves Doodle with Mehendi designs

It’s been a long time I haven’t doodled much. Yesterday it was raining heavily so thought of drawing some doodles.. Simply prepared borders with different directions and filled it with familiar Mehendi designs. And my whole page Doodle is ready..  Hope it looks good.. It took a lot of time and my patience. Hence looks…

Haiku motion!

Immature surreal thoughts around the clock Pushing the speed of Numerical count on a row Can’t compare the movements even to tortoise  More Haiku poetry on my creative world @Bhagyashri

Haiku Laziness!

It’s an unsound environment around Grabbing the energy like plucking the flower knowingly    Segregating motive to live the life More Haiku poetry @ my creative world @Bhagyashri