Zentangle stories; Giving enough time to yourself

It’s not that easy if you are not really interested. It feels so tiresome if u don’t enjoy it! “Whatever you do, do it with the happiness” is the best quote forever to reach the goal with the happiness. Yes, fun always comes with the way you see the things. More you are positive, it’s…

Happiness in doodling ; unknown web

It is really telexing when you keep on drawing something and it becomes beatification of lines than anything else. Daily Art #zentangle #patterns #relaxing #timepass #web #designs #abstract #doodle #art Planning come back! © Bhagyashri

Zentangle Art: come back

I know I am lazy But I will not leave fun making on my own art Laziness also becomes one of the art! Simply started drawing and again I gained interest in continuing my site 😊😁😂 Happy day to you all..

Hare Krishna Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna Hare Hare

It’s a Beautiful feeling to draw Lord Krishna on this festive occasion. Today is the day Indian celebrate Krishna Janmashtami. Means today is lord Krishna’s birthday. I am here with my art submission to our lord, as a small gift. Being ‘Paramatma‘ he will forgive my mistakes and bless me with more creativity, so that…

Simple Doodle ; Random Art

It’s been a long time I shared Doodle. Now sharing what I did a few weeks back. Unfortunately I forgot from whom I learned this. I tried to search over WordPress, but I failed. If someone have already new this design, do help me with the original link. It would be helpful for me to…

Chakra Doodle!

It’s been long time I added my doodles here. Because of unavoidable circumstances I am unable to share those pictures. Drawn circles one by one over it and started filling it with multiple lines and designs clock wise and anti clock wise. I hope this doodle catches your eyes..  

Haiku Expectation!

Everything, that catches your eyes, Might not be the same as your expectation; Keep on accepting the mirror image! – More on Haiku Poetry World and Doodle world @Bhagyashri