Kannada Step by Step;

I am here again with my Kannada Translations. As I said earlier I am converting my kannada poems ( Kannada Kavana) into English poems!. As I explained in my earlier post, how dangerous it is to ignore the Proof reading after translation. Let me put it in following way… Original by Me, ಮಾತೆಂಬ ಮುತ್ತು ಉದುರುವ…

Haiku waves

The calculation of life expectancy in the afternoon was overwhelmed at that time, by the continues sea waves – More on Haiku poetry world ©Bhagyashri

Haiku Explanatory

Explanatory statements are just like exam suplimentories The more time you get, more and more you fill in Only end result matters for understanding – More on Haiku poetry world © Bhagyashri


Situation changes socially, Where, A political leader enjoys higher rank  than a teacher in modern society; whereas in ancient times , teacher enjoyed higher rank  than that of even the king! – More poetry writing on poetry world ©Bhagyashri