Haiku shadow

Breathing under the shadow Spreading happiness without revealing the identity Just to watch us behind . ©bhagyashri

Thought Process

An unknown smile, Which is known to us; Confuses others! Makes us feel comfortable, Makes others think more!, Being a question mark(?) Has a great fun inside; Unwanted thought process outside! Person who sees the smile thinks, “What happened to him, is he mad or something?!! Do I look like a poor fellow? Is there…

Happy New Year; on going resolutions!

Thoughts going on. On and on in mind. Comes with the full of enthusiasm; And anxiety! Obviously, Everytime, At the beginning of every year! Nothing else, That’s the same thing; Where we think of a resolution, A new goal (known), Which, will not even last for few days! The resolution, Which was supposed to be,…

Zentangle Art: come back

I know I am lazy But I will not leave fun making on my own art Laziness also becomes one of the art! Simply started drawing and again I gained interest in continuing my site 😊😁😂 Happy day to you all..

Life balance

Life never ends receiving hates Worries will never stop ponding to your memory Just create positivity in you around you Be the one to make the changes In the river of sadness Just try to find the happiness It might feel salted hatress Don’t ever darken it with spice Sweet things got the power to…

Haiku Days

Days just passes away Number of pages turns away to closed chapters But, hope of creating new chapter lives __ @Bhagyashri

My world ; into the new world

Things I saw earlier at home, Are changing infront of my eyes. I am going to miss everything Going to miss everyone Small things to big fights; Silly reasons to stupid questions; Laugh and cry; Speak and scream; Scold and get scolded Evrytime everything I am gonna remember. I miss you Amma… I miss you…


Things sounds to be ordinary To the matured and immature World; Ordinary will be confused one, To those, who are in to the process of Being immature to mature . – @Bhagyashri

Haiku misunderstandings

You feel the cold wind in the air, But the harsh words passing by invisible mouth; Come out of Misleading misunderstandings.. – Back to Haiku Poetry World! ©Bhagyashri