Haiku shadow

Breathing under the shadow Spreading happiness without revealing the identity Just to watch us behind . ©bhagyashri

Zentangle Art: come back

I know I am lazy But I will not leave fun making on my own art Laziness also becomes one of the art! Simply started drawing and again I gained interest in continuing my site 😊😁😂 Happy day to you all..

Haiku Days

Days just passes away Number of pages turns away to closed chapters But, hope of creating new chapter lives __ @Bhagyashri


Things sounds to be ordinary To the matured and immature World; Ordinary will be confused one, To those, who are in to the process of Being immature to mature . – @Bhagyashri

Haiku misunderstandings

You feel the cold wind in the air, But the harsh words passing by invisible mouth; Come out of Misleading misunderstandings.. – Back to Haiku Poetry World! ©Bhagyashri

Haiku Judgement

Days with the good atmosphere, will come on the day, when understanding of laws, takes the move towards the truth – More in Haiku Poetry World ©Bhagyashri

Haiku search

I was not there to find,  the lost soul around the imaginary world,  With meaningfull ambitions  — More on Haiku Poetry World @ Bhagyashri

Haiku Politics

Yes, I had Hope’s But, I am not that immature enough To, Continue to have Hope’s!…  – More on Haiku Poetry world ©bhagyashri

Haiku Album

Shared are the days; Of unfolding Memories, laminated album, None of the photos destroyed! — More on Haiku Poetry world ©Bhagyashri