Haiku misunderstandings

You feel the cold wind in the air, But the harsh words passing by invisible mouth; Come out of Misleading misunderstandings.. – Back to Haiku Poetry World! ©Bhagyashri Advertisements

#72 – terrifying sight!

He knelt down at the edge of the raft and waited. Almost immediately, a shark approached the raft, its huge mouth wide open, revealing long rows of evil, grinning teeth. Jamie went for the eyes. With all his strength, he reached out with both hands and scraped the edge of the broken metal against the…

#71 – perspiration

At two a.m. they met at the warehouse. There was an eagerness in both of them, and an unspoken fear. They were embarking on a journey that would either make them rich or bring them death. There was no middle way. “It’s time,” Jamie anounced. They stepped outside. Nothing was stirring. The night was still…

Slow poison

Soaking the love,  With the shining tears, Will again shine the love. If the pain inside love Was positively glowing, And supportive inside, Temporary pain Temporary fights If taken optimistically, Daily eye drops works like Water for the plant Else, It will be slow poison! – More in Poetry World ©Bhagyashri

Haiku Judgement

Days with the good atmosphere, will come on the day, when understanding of laws, takes the move towards the truth – More in Haiku Poetry World ©Bhagyashri

Haiku search

I was not there to find,  the lost soul around the imaginary world,  With meaningfull ambitions  — More on Haiku Poetry World @ Bhagyashri

Freedom to speak

Everything is in line With the dream,  that catches the desire,  Of being positive,  Unless the faith Take it’s path, Being hesitated, To explain the wrongs Which is going Through your mind, And the blank mind, That stops, At the required time, And speaks a lot, When everything is lost. Listen to yourself; Nothing is…

Blue Whale challenge; save your child

Mother: Son! What was that? Son: Nothing serious Mom. (by hiding the pain and washing the smelly colors in the bathroom) Mother: How many times I told you not to go near sharp things. Son: I didn’t touch anything seriously. Stop being loud… Mother: Then who did this on your leg? Did you fight with…