Zentangle Art: come back

I know I am lazy But I will not leave fun making on my own art Laziness also becomes one of the art! Simply started drawing and again I gained interest in continuing my site 😊😁😂 Happy day to you all..

Dilbar Lyrics ;Satyameva Jayate

Song: Dilbar Movie: Satyamev Jayate Musicians: Tanishk Bagchi Singers: Neha Kakkar, Ikka Dhvani Bhanushali, Lyricists: Shabbir Ahmed, Ikka Dancer: Nora Fatehi *** Dilbar dilbar Dilbar dilbar Chadha jo mujhpe suroor hai Asar tera yeh zaroor hai Teri nazar ka kasoor hai yeh Dilbar dilbar dilbar Aa paas aa tu kyon door hai Yeh ishq ka jo…

Digital Art ; Transparent clothing

I created something AMAZING with PicsArt. Take a look https://picsart.app.link/ndIhDM7LcM My most of the time will be spent for creations!. I just love editing. Using this mobile I could only go for PicsArt edits!.. so easy so relaxing edit! Here is the concept with trasnperant clothing technique!. Using drawtools are really fun on Picsart.. @Bhagyashri

Life balance

Life never ends receiving hates Worries will never stop ponding to your memory Just create positivity in you around you Be the one to make the changes In the river of sadness Just try to find the happiness It might feel salted hatress Don’t ever darken it with spice Sweet things got the power to…

Haiku Days

Days just passes away Number of pages turns away to closed chapters But, hope of creating new chapter lives __ @Bhagyashri

SHINee Jonghyun no more with us; lost one of the best voice

I never expected this from him.. I am Being Shawol, shocked to see this. Can’t imagine SHINee without strong vocalist and song writer Jonghyun .. Lost one of the unique voice. I thought I would listen to him for the Lifetime, but he just left the memories.. Happy that he achieved a lot in this…

My world ; into the new world

Things I saw earlier at home, Are changing infront of my eyes. I am going to miss everything Going to miss everyone Small things to big fights; Silly reasons to stupid questions; Laugh and cry; Speak and scream; Scold and get scolded Evrytime everything I am gonna remember. I miss you Amma… I miss you…