Mandala Art

Most relaxing time of mine… Going in the way, where art takes me…. Mandala reminds me of all those hands I colored before .. From form of Mehendi to Mandala 👩‍🎨 . . #mandala #mandalatattoo #mandala_art #mandalaybay #mandaladesign #design #drawing #typesofart #zentangle #doodle #doodlesofinstagram #zenart #zentangleart #draw #relaxing #zentangles #mandala_sharing #patterns #classic #tradition #traditional #rangoli…

Zentangle Art: come back

I know I am lazy But I will not leave fun making on my own art Laziness also becomes one of the art! Simply started drawing and again I gained interest in continuing my site 😊😁😂 Happy day to you all..

Hare Krishna Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna Hare Hare

It’s a Beautiful feeling to draw Lord Krishna on this festive occasion. Today is the day Indian celebrate Krishna Janmashtami. Means today is lord Krishna’s birthday. I am here with my art submission to our lord, as a small gift. Being ‘Paramatma‘ he will forgive my mistakes and bless me with more creativity, so that…

Simple Doodle ; Random Art

It’s been a long time I shared Doodle. Now sharing what I did a few weeks back. Unfortunately I forgot from whom I learned this. I tried to search over WordPress, but I failed. If someone have already new this design, do help me with the original link. It would be helpful for me to…

Chakra Doodle!

It’s been long time I added my doodles here. Because of unavoidable circumstances I am unable to share those pictures. Drawn circles one by one over it and started filling it with multiple lines and designs clock wise and anti clock wise. I hope this doodle catches your eyes..