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Hello everyone…. Introducing My Mehendi World/My Doodle World/My Poetry World/My Learning World etc etc… A Beautiful Creative World as a whole!… 

“Creativity is just connecting things. When you ask creative people how they did something, they feel a little guilty because they didn’t really do it, the just saw something. It seemed obvious to them after a while” – Steve Jobs

True,..This is one of my favorite lines when I think about creativity in my world. You cannot copy everything but at least you can use the loos ends just by observing the things around you. Thereby you connect every little bit of everything and see, you will get a beautiful output.

Mehendi Designs belong to that category. It is purely based on your imagination, creativity, connection etc. Copy doesn’t work for learning. So start imagining yourself.. and learn…

The world is beautiful already, still we try to make it more and more beautiful. As a girl I Love Mehendi/Henna Art a lot. It is just a waste if I keep it for myself.. So I will just share everything, so that all could get a basic knowledge… I am here starting my page as a beginner and for beginners. I am sure a lot of people like Mehendi/Henna, but they fail to design it for themselves. Here is a stage I am creating for those who wish to fill their hand with beautiful designs with less expertise. 

I am not expert and I also don’t owe any Shop. It is just my hobby which makes me happy and leads me to be a bit creative in my own world. I am learner and I enjoy learning. There is nothing HiFi here. There is nothing complicated here. Everything in my world is easy and comfortable. 

I thank all my friends who helped me to learn and utilize my interest towards creativity. I am glad to get supports from all since beginning and I wish to get these blessing in infinity. 

So…… Welcome to my world…….. 

Thanks for visiting………


Gokarna Mahaganapati Story; Atmalinga story; with Simple Ganesha Painting

Gokarna Mahaganapati

An attempt to start with the Gokarna series.
. .
Those who come to visit temples of Gokarna first visit the Maha Ganapati Temple located in the middle of the road. People worship Lord Ganesha with his favorite Suffron and Lotus to stay in lord’s blessings.
. . .
Story behind the temple-
. .

According to Indian mythology, when Ravana, in his second attempt, was returning from Mount Kailasa to Lanka carrying the prized possession of an Atmalinga, his route crossed Gokarna. Ceasing the opportunity, the gods hatched a plot against Ravana as they did not want him to finish the journey. They sent Lord Ganesha, who took the avatar of a young monk to deceive Ravana and keep Atmalinga on the ground. As the condition was that wherever Atmalinga is lowered and kept on the ground first, that place shall become its final place of worship. For this feat of securing the Atmalinga in Gokarna (refer to Shree Venkataramana Temple for details), Lord Ganesha is worshipped first and foremost and people visit this temple before praying to the Atmalinga at the Mahabaleshwar Temple


Picture reference : Google
Used heavy body Acrylic A3 sheet  and #acrylicpaint by @brustro_official

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Thank you


How effective a story to your baby at the early age

That’s when my lil one started copying what we say .. I used to say some stories with all kind of expression possible and every story begins with “there was a lion in the jungle” .. since lion is strong and he is the king of the jungle, we never left giving some respect to him while we enter the jungle book 😁😄😄

And this 7 month old knows how lion makes the sound…


Checkout his latest videos and pictures just by following and liking 😊

Thanks ,

© Bhagyashri

Mandala Art

Most relaxing time of mine… Going in the way, where art takes me…. Mandala reminds me of all those hands I colored before .. From form of Mehendi to Mandala 👩‍🎨
#mandala #mandalatattoo #mandala_art #mandalaybay #mandaladesign #design #drawing #typesofart #zentangle #doodle #doodlesofinstagram #zenart #zentangleart #draw #relaxing #zentangles #mandala_sharing #patterns #classic #tradition #traditional #rangoli #freehand #art

Do share and Relax

And let me know area of improvement…

© Bhagyashri’s Creative World


Gokarna Street Art

It feels proud to say, street art does make drastic change to make a village life colorful!!… My native is not an exception! You will stop for a second, just to watch colorful arts here and there.. Those colors makes you feel like it’s been a wonderful day…

All about Gokarna


As an artist I feel so… I have seen them growing… I have seen those blank walls… I have seen them say nothing!! Now I see them like they are taking to me… I still remember the art of “Om Shanti” on the walls of Kotiteertha Lake by some foreigner… Even whole native looked at that mesmerizing Art!.. There by they felt proud and allowing them to paint the village more! People of Gokarna draw Mandalas and Traveller makes the street art.. Gokarna Art life is not unremarkable lifestyle.

© Bhagyashri

When dad wakes his one month old, early in the morning

You get angry when someone wakes to up and say Sleep Again I was just missing you…

Here is my little Angry Bird with all summed up anger 😂

Do watch the video, like and follow for more funny videos.

On the go Sanekatta Gokarna

Sanikatta village, nestling on the banks of river Aghanashini and on the way to Gokarna, has been producing brown salt, unique to this region, since 1720. For generations, people have preferred using this salt produced in this village…


© Bhagyashri’s Creative World


Car Festival Gokarna

check out new posts…. Best Colors of my native 😍

Click below links to see the Colors… Shortly updating about this festival…

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📷 FBPage

Thanks in advance . Have a great day…

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New Page on Facebook

Hi, One step ahead… Even though page is automatically created by Instagram (:-D), I’m inviting you to like my Page because I thought that you might be interested in supporting it.
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Visual edits; cup of photography

I created something AMAZING with PicsArt. Take a look

If you ask me what is photo, it’s just a blending of colors without sweetest ideas and Happiness!



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