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“Creativity is just connecting things. When you ask creative people how they did something, they feel a little guilty because they didn’t really do it, the just saw something. It seemed obvious to them after a while” – Steve Jobs

True,..This is one of my favorite lines when I think about creativity in my world. You cannot copy everything but at least you can use the loos ends just by observing the things around you. Thereby you connect every little bit of everything and see, you will get a beautiful output.

Mehendi Designs belong to that category. It is purely based on your imagination, creativity, connection etc. Copy doesn’t work for learning. So start imagining yourself.. and learn…

The world is beautiful already, still we try to make it more and more beautiful. As a girl I Love Mehendi/Henna Art a lot. It is just a waste if I keep it for myself.. So I will just share everything, so that all could get a basic knowledge… I am here starting my page as a beginner and for beginners. I am sure a lot of people like Mehendi/Henna, but they fail to design it for themselves. Here is a stage I am creating for those who wish to fill their hand with beautiful designs with less expertise. 

I am not expert and I also don’t owe any Shop. It is just my hobby which makes me happy and leads me to be a bit creative in my own world. I am learner and I enjoy learning. There is nothing HiFi here. There is nothing complicated here. Everything in my world is easy and comfortable. 

I thank all my friends who helped me to learn and utilize my interest towards creativity. I am glad to get supports from all since beginning and I wish to get these blessing in infinity. 

So…… Welcome to my world…….. 

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What do you see, when your pen moves over a page randomly #Doodle World 

You are sad, and you are simply sitting. You don’t wish to talk to someone, you don’t see the things happening around you, you have lost interest in life.

But truly, the sadness you see is just temporary. No need to get panic saying, ‘what I will do?’, ‘what happens next?’, ‘where is the solution?’ etc. You have to find solution for problem. You are moving towards depression and not towards the ideas. Even great minds fail to come up with great ideas, when they are depressed for one or the other personal reason. Hence you just need to relax. 

I know, you ask again to yourself, ‘how can I relax?’, ‘what should I do to calm down?’, where is the solution?, Etc. And once again you are deeply thinking!!.. Relaxed mind makes well framed ideas than that of tensed mind. Everybody say so. And there are plenty of solution to get your mood changed. And ‘Art’ is one of them. 

Let’s try this solution, 

Take a pen and paper, and start drawing something. Not necessarily a great art. It’s ok even if it’s your first time holding the pen to drwa. Make lines, make circles, make boxes, make zigzags, anything and anything. Just move your heart towards the Art. Go on drawing something and don’t worry about the mistakes. It is normal. That happens. Still don’t worry. Keep going.. I am sure, at one point of time you will see your page with a beautiful designs and a new world.

World is yours… Happy learning….

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The Dream with Starting trouble ; UGADI – Hindu New Year #Poetry

This is what I do in my free time other than holding Mehendi.. I write line by line, step by step. I don’t know whether all the words and lines frame it as poet. Still I write… Since it’s New year for me here, I will share something I already wrote.

I just found a dream, with an awesome way of making it true….

Yes, it’s my world…
Yes, it’s my way…
Something missing…
Am I able to realise it?..
I just need to find something else..
It’s really vital…
No.. it’s not the same way, I found earlier..
Can I buy it?
Can I borrow it?
All say, No!..
Yes, may be Not!..
Is it?..
Because, it’s with me?..
It’s inside me?…
It seems, I found it too…
I just realised!..
Let me make myself clear..
All of the above,
I just need to find, interest to follow that path….
To make my dream true…
Yes, I lack Interest!…
Could it be called,
“Starting Trouble!…..”
Happy Ugadi

Ugadi – Sri Hemalambi nama Samvatsara – March 29th 2017

This is what I wanted to share

Kalpavriksha Kamadhenu

The new year for all Hindus starts from March 29th 2017. This year it is Sri Hemalambi nama Samvatsara
Please check your local calendars for exact date.

Panchangas for Raghavendra Mutta is available online and posted in this blog as well.

Download Kannada Panchanga

Download English Panchanga

Our sincere thanks to the web site admins for both web sites for providing the links in Kannada and English.

During Ugadi, the leaves of neem also called Bevu ಬೇವು is mixed with jaggery called Bella ಬೆಲ್ಲ; and is distributed on the occasion. Neem, which is extremely bitter in taste( Kahi) , and jaggery which is sweet and delicious, signify the two different aspects of human life – joy and sorrow.

Authentic Madhwa Recipes page posted on the right hand side has several recipes you can prepare:

P.S: As always no food is prepared with onion or garlic.
You can…

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Choice and Confusion; getting self clarity about Choice; Mehendi Profession

“Choice comes, when you have two or more options!.. Confusion comes, when all the options are too good!…”

It’s normal. Normal human being you and I get confused most of the time. Getting confused for silly reasons and focusing on one particular thing will not stamp any guilty inside you. It’s totally different, if it is the matter of “choosing best out of all the best options!”.. ‘Good-Bad selection is easier than Good-Good selection!’ Agree? You fall into dilemma and ultimately you have to select one thing based on better happiness and peace. If you are happy with what you do, the best options are always open to you. So no need to regret your own choice.

I share few motivational thoughts, just hoping few people need someone to push towards their goal. And of course, my pages are dedicated to introduce my favourite Art. And encourage those who are interested.

This is purely hobbie, but few makes it profession. And no wrong in it. When they are expert, profession becomes their choice. That is good. I appreciate. We love what we do. But when it comes to the profession, we get into dilemma!!! It’s obvious. I chose to work, which is different from my hobbie. But I never thought my hobbie is a waste. I am happy that I share my idea and creativity with my family and friends with full of love. I get happiness! I enjoy! So will never regret. But it’s not the same way for everyone. Few are born to be the masters on this Art and they deserve the position. For them selecting this Art as profession is far better than doing some regular job. Ultimately you should be satisfied in your work and thereby get the happiness. No need to worry about anything. It would not be reasonable to reject the option and regret later. Choosing hobbie is also good, choosing other and keeping your interest as hobbie is also good. Your choice should be clear based on “how much you love your work, and where you want to be in future, and on what you wish to get masters”.. Go into bright future and then analyse, which is better for you. Ultimately you are the one, to feel proud..

Happy Learning!

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Learning from mistake; Create your own Mehendi Design

“Mistakes are the usual bridge between inexperience and wisdom – Phyllis Theroux”

It is true that no one is exception from doing mistakes. But accepting the truth and working towards the change will make the difference. We cannot walk as pro when we came to this earth. We learnt everything slowly. Children will not use any technique when they start to walk. They don’t even think about it. They only analyse, when they fell off again and again. There comes the learning. They start slowly to learn techniques to keep themselves safe.
We grown up being child. We should think in the same way for every mistake we do. As usual we make mistake and forget. Then the learning end. I know saying is easy, but when it comes to our own, we fail to follow. Still, there is a way to be in dedication and change our thinking. We should and must admit what we did wrong and think positively towards it. 
That comes by practice and not by planning. We get to know whether we could walk properly only when we start walking. In the same way, we get to know about our mistake only when we start working towards our goal.
Well. I link it with every learning, specially to the subject I blog for. Making Design is a big task for beginners. Being beginner, I learn from my mistake. I say “I could have done so..”, I could have tried that..”, “Che.. why I did that..” etc. because I realize it at my mistake. Same if it’s your turn. You will start realizing the mistakes, when you start practicing. Hesitation will not workout. 
Do not say, “Oh, It’s not possible by me” or “I cannot do it”
Only say, “Yes, I could at least done that, and I will try.” and “I will practice and make myself pro”
Have a happy learning.
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Mehendi Designs ; sharing few henna art .. #mehendidesigns #samples

Simple Henna Art


Learning from Mistakes
Trial and Error Mirror Art









Be curious enough to know the world around you…………

Simple and Bright


Mehendi Designs henna.jpg
Both Hand Henna Art

Beauty is in your eyes, that is how you see the things………..

Adding Beauty
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Finding better motivational platform; live life at the fullest..

I heard that, “do it now, sometimes later becomes never!”.. well said.. It’s noraml human tendency, where the hesitation, fear, regret etc., takes over everything and we sit silently watching over it! We feel ouself empty handed and useless. We fight inside and fail to win. We argue inside and fail to win. We get angry, we get irritated, we find it difficult to cross this feeling. Thereby we loose our smile, happiness, peace, hope, wish, dream etc. and become “big failure with big guilt”..
There are plenty of opportunities open in this life, but we fail to recognise that in a right way and in a right time. We fail at this point of time. Because we loose the best opportunity just by over looking. That situation happens when our mind says “that’s a waste! Not possible from me”..

Everyone in this Earth have got some or the other fear. So no one is guilt-free! The success comes, when we over come the situation of hesitation, fear, and regret by choosing a better way. It’s not external factor. People try to motivate you, Books try to motivate you, but that becomes positive, only if your mind responses towards it. If you say ‘yes’ to those external motivations, the result would be positive. Because decision making is internal factor. Person who is in guilty should only find the Remedy, not the other. 

Hence, choosing motivational platform is very essential. Depression may be small or big, you should understand that, the situation you are undergoing is not permanent. Find a goal, wish, dream to live your life fullest by taking best decision yourself. Therefore I said at the beginning, “do it now, sometimes later becomes never!”. 

Have a happie life and live your life fullest..
Lots of Thanks to my dear ones and team for motivating me to write what I feel. Glad to have the support..

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Mehendi designs; now and then .. Understanding the Era; an ancient art

How different now a days designs compared to olden days!.. Of course technology improved along with creativity. Interest made it easy. 

{A simple art ; would have seen in Bharatanatyam(red coloured)}

{Little improved version of old art. These designs are applied easily over skin using sticks or brush} 

Henna paste is usually applied over the hand using a plastic cone, a paint brush or a stick. Olden days, there were no cones! People used sticks for applying it. Since home made Henna was thicker than a normal smooth paste, it was easy to apply using sticks. The only difference was design! A very simple design like big dot, plus marks abstract, etc was most famous mehendi designs during those days. Even I enjoyed it in my childhood!

Hope my posts are providing some productive information 🙂 

Enjoy posting and reading ..


Gaining knowledge through WordPress and getting inspired by daily posts ; “Murmuration” 

It’s Pretty cool!! Thanks to WordPress and team. In fact I really didn’t know this word. Through this I gained few more knowledge. 

I always said to link the mind towards imagination by seeing the nature!.. and it’s here. A best example for pushing the air and fly towards creativity.. 

Starling!! The way birds use the space and the way they change the path wonders us. They call it mystery! They call it Fear! They find it secret! They find it a reason and clue for climate change, season change, but in my world I find it special creative flow of energy. 

The Art they make out of their plan and team work is impossible for us to imagine in that time span.. “Nature is very Beautiful”and there are a lot of Artists by birth!!.. Cool..

And .. Yes.. I loved watching photos and reading About it… Will try to find some Mehendi designs out of it; what to do?!! My hobby drags me to imagine and create something out of everything..

Thanks to ,

And good picture over Google!